belle and sebastian

Stuart David Quits Belle And Sebastian

Stuart David has quit BELLE AND SEBASTIAN. A press release from Jeepster has confirmed that the bassist and erstwhile poet has quit the group to concentrate more fully on writing novels, as well as his own musical project, LOOPER. Looper will be touring the Midwest U.S. in the coming weeks in support of the FLAMING LIPS. We've got the tour dates right here - just click TOURS on your left!

Belle and Sebastian Re-Release 3 EP's

BELLE & SEBASTIAN will be releasing their first three EP's as a box set in March. The band is currently finishing up their new album which is expected to be released June/July.

Belle and Sebastian to Rerelease Tigermilk

BELLE & SEBASTIAN will be rereleasing their debut album "Tigermilk" in May. The album, which has long since been out of print, will be remastered and will now be available on CD for the first time.

Belle And Sebastian Back On Tour

It looks as though the BELLE AND SEBASTIAN U.S. tour is back in full swing. Two dates over the weekend had to be cancelled when cellist Isobel, fighting the stomach flu, had to be rushed to the hospital due to an allergic reaction to her antibiotics. David and Katrina at Jeepster report that everything appears to be back on track, and the remainder of the tour dates should be fulfilled.