Her Bjorkness

There's a new album on the way from the world of pixiedust and hot springs. According to BJORK's website the new material is currently being referred to as "The Late Album" and you can hear a snippet of Bjork in the studio on the website. There's no release date set yet, but the goddess of ice will be tripping around Europe this summer on a rather extensive festival tour and should be coming stateside possibly as early as August. We'll let you know when we have confirmed dates on that.

Interpreting Bjork

Hush Records has come out with their very own Bjork tribute album entitled READ: Interpreting Bjork . Available as an 'eAlbum' for free download on the Hush website it includes covers of It's Oh So Quiet, Hyper-ballad, The Hunter, Joga, You've Been Flirting Again, Possibly Maybe, Immature, Unravel and In The Musicals. They do suggest you make a 2 dollar donation on the website via PayPal.

Who knew she had a mother?

I've always assumed that BJORK sprouted into life or something equally hazy, somewhere in a mythical fairy land. Sure I realized she had a father, afterall someone had to be named Gudmund.

Bjork's mother, Hildur Runa Hauksdottir, has apparently taken to social activisim in Iceland. She is on a hunger strike to prevent Alcoa and the Icelandic government from creating a power plant and smelter (?) near the Vatnajokull glacier.

Checkout the full story on Billboard.

Bjork Announces 'Greatest Hits' Tracklisting

Bjork announced the tracklisting of her upcoming 'Greatest Hits' album to be released in September. The tracks were chosen by fans on for the as-yet-untitled project. She will also be releasing a DVD of her Royal Opera House concert in August. Click the 'Read More' link for the tracklisting.


Bjork Will Be Accompanied By A 54-Piece Orchestra

According to Billboard, Bjork's US tour will feature the Netherlands-based Il Novecento Orchestra. You can check out the tour dates here.

Listen To A New Bjork Track Online

There is a new b-side streaming from the official Bjork site. "Verandi" will be release August 6th on the upcoming single "Hidden Place". This is the first single from her new album, "Vespertine", which you can buy on August 23rd.

Bjork. No Yorke

And just when we were getting excited about the Oscars for a change... it's now been reported that producers of this year's Oscar telecast have pulled the plug on the planned BJORK/THOM YORKE duet, citing time constraints. The performance has been limited to three minutes, while Bjork's nominated track, "I've Seen It All," clocks in normally just over six minutes in length. An abbreviated arrangement of the track will still be performed by Bjork during the show, but the new arrangement gives no time for an appearance by Yorke.

Bjork and Yorke At The Oscars has just confirmed that THOM YORKE will be performing with BJORK at the Oscars.

Bjork To Perform At Oscars

We were all a bit disappointed that BJORK didn't get an Academy Award nomination for her role in "Dancer in the Dark," but it's redemption time. Because of her nomination for Song of the Year, the Academy has announced today that Bjork will be performing "I've Seen It All" live at the Oscar ceremonies on March 25th. It's our understanding that Bjork will be accompanied by a 55-piece orchestra for the performance, but there's still no word about who, if anyone, will handle the male vocals on the track, which was performed on the adapted soundtrack by Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

Bjork/Thom York Collaboration Online

The BJORK/THOM YORKE collaboration has been released to the public today, and is available for download from currently. The track will feature on the soundtrack to the award-winning and Bjork-starring flick, "Dancer in the Dark," which turned many a head at the recent Cannes film festival.