Bjork Goes Both Ways

Congratulations go out to Icelandic chanteuse BJORK, who scored a rather major coup for picking up the Best Actress award at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Our favorite elf won for her portrayal of a Czech immigrant in Lars Von Trier's forthcoming film, "Dancer in the Dark." Bjork's character in the film is afflicted with a degenerative eye disease, and as she slips closer to blindness, she escapes by imagining her life to be a musical.


Bjork Rejects Rumors

NME is reporting that BJORK has rejected a number of recent rumors about her career that have been circulating in the press. According to the NME report, Bjork denies that she is thinking about retiring from releasing music as a result of her repeated run-ins with stalkers. She is also denying reports that she will release a side-project album during 1999 consisting entirely of love songs.

Bjork May Retire

According to the Swedish newspaper "Expressen", BJORK is considering giving up her career after another incident involving a deranged fan. An individual who had apparently been stalking her for four years broke into the home of the singer's mother and left threatening messages on their answering machine. An American fan killed himself after mailing Bjork a letter bomb a few years ago. The bomb was intercepted before it could cause any harm.