Blur on Letterman

BLUR are set to appear on the David Letterman Show on March 29th, the night before their new album, "13", is released in the U.S.

Blur Ink A Release Date

BLUR's new album, "13" is set to be released in the U.S. on March 23. The lead single from the album, "Tender", has been touted as among the best that the band has ever recorded.

Blur Split Rumor: False

First off, let it be known that the rumour racing about the Internet that BLUR have split appears to be, at this phase, totally false. A forwarded so-called "press release" making its way through the UK-indie-related mailing lists is claiming that a rift between Graham and Alex has split the band. After 24 hours, there has been NO official word from Food Records or from Blur management to suggest this rumour as being true. So until WE tell you otherwise, all is fine and dandy at Camp Blur.

Rumor: Blur Split!!

UNCONFIRMED RUMOR! We here at Excellent Online have to take a very cautious approach to unconfirmed rumors. Every few months we come across a major rumor- sometimes they turn out to be true, but often they turn out to be pure fabrication. Having said that, the rumor surfacing out of the STONE ROSES mailing list is that BLUR have officially split up, due to conflict between Alex and Graham. Frankly, this rumor seems doubtful at best, given the confirmed reports that BLUR's next album has already been recorded without incident.


Bez Arrested at Glastonbury

Well, the Glastonbury Festival has drawn to a close. We've got to give a MAJOR cheers to the folks at the Guardian, who had an AMAZING website throughout the weekend, and to the staff of Greenpeace UK, who brought us the roaming webcam that surprisingly stayed operational for most of the weekend. BLUR headlined the show on Saturday night, debuted quite a few tracks off the new, forthcoming record, but a review by the Guardian says that the tracks were NOT that well-received by the crowd, and they had to rely on standards like 'Parklife' and 'Girls and Boys' to get the momentum going.


Graham Blur Sets a US Release Date

The solo album from GRAHAM COXON of BLUR even has a release date in the States. It's August 11 (a near simultaneous release with the UK version,) and will be distributed on our shores by Caroline Records.

Graham Blur Goes Solo

NME has confirmed the release of BLUR guitarist GRAHAM COXON's first solo release, "The Sky is Too High," slated for release on August 10th. Every instrument on the album is played by Coxon himself. Meanwhile, Blur will be holing up into the studio once the World Cup is over with; the band is confirming that William Orbit has been approached for producing.