boo radleys

Boo Radleys Hidden Track

Not that it's particularly breaking news or anything, but last night, members of our mailing list have discovered the existence of a hidden track on the new BOO RADLEYS album, "Kingsize." Start the CD playing on the first track. Then hold the reverse scan button and, magically, the disc backs up BEYOND the first track, revealing an unheard 1:22 intro to the album. Nifty.

Boo Radleys and Moose Return

Two bits of WONDERFUL news to share with you all this weekend about two of our favorite bands, who are both returning to action:

First off, Creation has finally announced the return of the BOO RADLEYS. The Boo's new single is to be called "Free Huey," and will come out on October 2nd, followed by the new album, "Kingsize," on October 16. Reportedly, the album has a very poppy sound reminiscent of their "Wake Up"-era recordings.