Cursed, Blessed, & Broken Up: Catatonia Pack It In

Though at press time no official word had been made on the band's web site, NME is reporting as fact today that CATATONIA have split, following the sudden departure of vocalist Cerys Matthews. The band had recently cancelled a UK tour, with Matthews citing "exhaustion and a recurring athsmatic condition" as the sidelining ailment. NME, however, is reporting today that Matthews has been a guest at a London rehab clinic, and checked out just last week to travel to Wales and inform the band of her decision.


Catatonia's Two Date US "Tour"

Well CATATONIA is indeed coming to the United States to promote "Equally Cursed and Blessed" but it isn't exactly going to be a "tour". The band will play New York on January 24th and L.A. on January 27th and will also make some promotional appearances for radio. We will pass along further details as they become available.

Catatonia Dropped From Warners

The U.S. release of CATATONIA's "Equally Cursed and Blessed" album is in doubt, as the band have been dropped by Warners for apparently being too "pop". Sigh. The band hope to have a new label lined up shortly and are also hoping to tour the states early next year.

Suede and Catatonia Release Updates

NME is reporting that the new SUEDE album will be out on May 3, preceded by a single in April. New CATATONIA is on the way even sooner, with the first single ("Dead from the Waist Down") due out March 22, to be followed by an album in April. For a lot of what's coming out first quarter 99, click on Releases.

Catatonia Return to the US

CATATONIA are set to return to the U.S. in February for a promotional jaunt, and may play a few shows while they are here. Excellent Online will let you know the details as soon as they are available.

Token Brit Band Tours

Summer Tour Preview: Part Two. As usual, the big package tours going across the U.S. this summer offer little to those with brit-indie sensibilities. Nevertheless, a few of the tours have added at least one British band to add a smidgen of credibility to their rosters. Symposium will be playing a number of dates on the Warped tour and will also be playing some smaller venues while they are stateside. Similarly, Catatonia will be playing some dates on the HORDE tour as well as doing some headlining while they are in the U.S.