Embrace Goes Online (updated)

I saw this over at BBC Online about how Danny McNamara of Embrace will only be communicating via their official site, www.embrace.co.uk from now on. This really isn't an original idea as Radiohead have been doing it for a while with their site, Spin With A Grin.


Embrace And Gene May Lose US Record Deal

Here's another one off the rumour mill: we've been hearing insider whispers that the next UK bands shortlisted to lose their record deals in the States are EMBRACE (who were planning a US tour in '99,) and GENE (who are readying their next album now.) Again, these are just rumours, but you might want to secure those importer connections now.

Embrace, Candyskins, and Papas Fritas Tour News

More bad news to report. While we still haven't seen an official source for this news, it seems clear that the EMBRACE tour of the U.S. is off, at least for now. There's been some talk that the band will set new U.S. dates in January. In happier news, THE CANDYSKINS look to be touring the U.S. briefly in late October. As soon as we get the details, we will post them in tours. Finally, top U.S. popsters PAPAS FRITAS are set to hit the road in anticipation of their third album. Click on tours for all the details.

Embrace US Tour

EMBRACE have announced details of a US tour... and we've got the dates! Click TOURS on the left to find out more.

Embrace Debut at #1

Not too upset with chart performance this week are EMBRACE, whose critically acclaimed debut album, "Good Will Out," shot straight in at #1 on this week's UK album charts.