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Fatboy Slim project featuring David Byrne, Iggy Pop to release album

Fatboy Slim's Norman Cook, Talking Heads' David Byrne, Iggy Pop and Dizzee Rascal have collaborated on a project dubbed the Brighton Port Authority (BPA), and will release a debut album in the US this winter. - Source

Update - Fatboy Slim Denies Name Change

Apparently Fatboy Slim is still "f-ing in heaven." Yesterday we were tipped off by The Sun that the DJ was ditching the moniker and taking the Fifth Amendment on the whole issue - Source

David Byrne joins forces with Fatboy Slim

David Byrne is set to release a new album with Brian Eno, and is also working on a collaboration with Fatboy Slim, he told NME.COM at a recent event in New York. - Source

Damon Albarn, Hard-Fi, Reverend And The Makers for Afrika Exprez gig

Afrika Exprez, the collective that featured the likes of Damon Albarn, The Magic Numbers and Fatboy Slim alongside some of Africa's most feted musicians for a performance at the Park Stage at Glastonbury 2007, will perform again at the Liverpool Olympia venue on March 6.  Source

Fatboy Slim / Zoe Ball - It's Over

Not that we're the sort of site that likes to dwell on crap like this... (oh, who are we kidding, sure we do.) But it's official today through a spokesperson: FATBOY SLIM and wife/radio presenter ZOE BALL have separated. Oddly enough, ol' Normy's quoted in this week's NME that he's planning to take time off from DJ gigs to spend more time with his family...

Norman cooks up another Rumor

In a recent interview with the Edmonton Sun Norman Cook (aka FATBOY SLIM) has readily admitted to recently turning down a remix project by Britney Spears. Editorial comment: Cheers!

On another good note, Virgin will be releasing a DVD on Nov 5 of Norman's live performance in Brighton entitled Big Beach Boutique Vol. 2 (The CD of this is already out). Also to be released on Astralwerks on November 19 are 3 new EPs: Pimp, Illuminati, and Camber Sands. No word yet of a supporting tour.

FINALLY, A Fatboy Slim Live CD

Dotmusic has the story about Fatboy Slim's new live CD. The details are slim but it was recorded at last summer's Brighton Beach gig and will be released on January 28. I've been living on bootlegs for so long, it's great to finally have an official DJ set.

Unreleased Astralwerks Compilation, Rarewerks

Rarewerks from ASTRALWERKS? The label has just announced the release of a collection of rare, hard-to-find, and previously unreleased tracks from Astralwerks artists entitled "Rarewerks". Most of the tracks have not been available commercially anywhere in the world. Artists to be included are Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, Beta Band, and Basement Jaxx. The release is scheduled to be released January 23, 2001.

Fatboy Slim Samples Jim Morrison

FATBOY SLIM has been making the news lately, with the word that his new album is nearly finished. "Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars" is set to come out on November 7th.


Fatboy Slim Leaks

According to an official leak, the new FATBOY SLIM album will be called, "Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars" and has a release date of November 6th. The first single is called "Bird of Prey" and that will be released on October 16th. Norman Cook is putting the final touches on the album at his home studio in Brighton. The full details of the album will be released on September 1st.