Murdoc, 2D, Russel, Noodle and You?

How would you like to be in the most successful animated band on the planet? (To be fair... I can't say the competition is that tough after all Josie and the Pussycats and the like haven't been drawn in ages). Gorillaz are searching for a new bandmate and are offering web surfers the exclusive chance to "Get Yer Skills Out!". From the mouth of the toons...

We are looking to shine a light on brand new talents, and are asking people from all creative fields to send in submissions. Entries could be anything from animations, musical, sickly off-cuts, brief sketches, film scenes, caught-on-cameras clips, out-takes, voice-overs, bits of unused footage, whether humorous, dark, edgy, juvenile, insightful or thought provoking.  We are hoping that this will throw up some truly creative fresh talents, and provide an open forum for people who would normally have no outlet to display their work.

Details are available on gorillaz.com.

Paperback Writer

Canadian Spinmeister Kid Koala has gone from being animated in the Gorillaz to drawing on his own. Kid Koala (aka Eric San) has created an original graphic novel titled 'Nufonia Must Fall' about the life and times of a "lonely office girl" and an "out-of-work robot". Being credited as "a silent paperback film" the novel apparently has few words and is intended to be read whilst playing the accompanying cd. The trailer is available on www.kidkoala.com.

The Hardest Workin' Man In Hip-Hop

Dan the Automator just released his own mixed compilation, 'Wanna Buy A Monkey?'. It has exclusive mixes from Air, Zero 7 and Tortoise. Also, when I was listening to the minimix of the album I swore that I heard some of the Doves right at the very end. For those of you going to the last couple Gorillaz shows, make sure to get their early as Dan the Automator will be spinning.

Mercury Music Prize Drama

Radio 1 announced the Mercury Music Prize nominations yesterday. They included, Basement Jaxx, Turin Breaks, Gorillaz, Super Furry Animals, Goldfrapp, Elbow, and Radiohead.

Then the Gorillaz refuse the nomination. Murdoc said, "Mercury Award? Sounds a bit heavy, man! You know - like carrying a dead albatross round your neck for eternity. No thanks man!"

And today the band's label, Parlophone, said that since they put the Gorillaz in the race, only they can pull them out.

Gorillaz Got Robbed!

As GORILLAZ have inked a multi-album deal with Virgin Records America, the band's debut album was to be released in the U.S. in early April. However, due to the theft of the American master tapes from the band's private Winnebago, the album is on hold until further notice.

Gorillaz leader and bassist Murdoc regretfully housed the U.S. masters in his personal Winnebago for safekeeping. Included with the masters were two bonus tracks which will appear on the American debut: internationally unreleased track "Left Hand Suzuki Man" and rare UK B-Side "Dracula."