The Stooges Do Madonna

The legendary band will perform a set of Madonna covers at this year's Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony. - Source

Madonna at MisShapes?

I'm not sure if it's media like The Tipping Point or just the general growth of an indie music voice through blogs and whatnot... but apparently the big names are starting to court the indie sect. The proof? Madonna shows up at MisShapes this past Saturday to throw down her new single. Madonna... at MisShapes. Yes, the legendary NYC club night that generally courts the likes of Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne, Jarvis Cocker (well DUH) or the boys from Bloc Party.

I'm amused at all the talk of her showing up in the land of hipsters... all the security etc but one thing seems to be missing from the various gossip reports... any information on the new song? Was the point just to stir us up with her appearance or her music?