mercury rev

Mercury Rev, Snowflake Midnight

Mercury Rev's finest offering since 1998âEUR(TM)s Deserter's Songs. - Source

Two Mercury Rev Albums Coming

First up: Snowflake Midnight 9/29. Then the "subtler" Strange Attractor, which will be free! More info at - Source

The Rev Go West

Mercury Rev will be playing a short west coast in the middle of June. They have also just released a special edition of last years, 'All is Dream', which includes live material, documentary footage, and two videos.

Mercury Rev Comes Through

Mercury Rev's set to release their fifth studio album, "All Is Dream" on August 27th. They will be previewing their new material in European shows throughout the summer, a US tour is expected to follow the release.

The Chemical Colaborations

The CHEMICAL BROTHERS are set to release their new album with a little help from their friends. NOEL GALLAGHER, BERNARD SUMNER, and MERCURY REV have contributed to the new album which is set to be released in May of this year.