Progress Report: Midlake

We rarely conduct interviews at Stereogum. Bands inevitably answer the same questions over and over again, and that's no fun for anyone. But if we could catch our favorite musicians between album promo cycles, they might have new insights to share, whether they're in creative mode or just taking a breather. With that in mind, we asked Jessica Suarez to put on her reporter's hat and pen this new recurring feature.

Twice a week, Jessica Suarez's Progress Report updates you on what your favorite bands have been doing. Or not doing. Today we check in with the Denton folk-rockers behind one of the best albums of 2006.


Midlake Guitarist Launches Cappulido Coffee

World's Fair reports: *Eric Pulido, guitarist of Midlake, has launched his very own brand of coffee! Cappulido Coffee was born in the Spring 2008 in the great land of Denton, TX and features six different blends of fair traded coffee, each selling for around $10 a pop. With the purchase of Cappulido Coffee, you are giving aid directly back to farmers in developing countries, lending them the financial support necessary to continue developing an excellent product and compete in the world market.* For further information, head to CC's official site. - Source