my life with the thrill kill kult

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Elektrik Inferno Live

Thrill Kill Kult are one of those bands that I always seem to miss catching live. They used to play in Rochester all the time, but up through the Raygun tour I was still in middle and early high school and the shows always seemed to fall on a school night, which was a definate no-no according to my parents. Then, once I could go out on school nights, they stopped playing anywhere near me. Earlier this year I had a free ticket to catch the Elektric Inferno tour in Pittsburgh, but wouldn't you know I couldn't get off of work so I had to miss it once again. And now they're on tour again, and of course I have previously made plans for the night they're in Buffalo, so that means either a road trip or missing the Kult in action once again.