Pavement Vinyl Re-Issue More Deluxe Than Possible

Pitchfork reported yesterday that Matador’s gearing up to unleash a new quadruple vinyl version of last year’s Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed. re-issue that’s so behemoth, you’d could probably use it as a floating mattress this summer in the pool. But please don’tâEUR"that would be stupid. Overwhelmingly lengthy track list after the jump.
Brighten [...] - Source

Pavement In Talks To Play Coachella

The masters of lo-fi indie rock are set to join the comeback trail, all with a headlining stint at their home state's biggest music festâEUR¦ - Source

Classic Pavement album for deluxe treatment

Pavement's classic album 'Brighten The Corners' is set for a deluxe reissue. - Source

Stephen Malkmus Compares Writing Style To Morrissey

He shares the following quote with The A.V. Club: *I write with a filter of trying to avoid the completely obvious... It's all pretty organic in that I don't have to think about it too much. It just sort of happens. It's who I am. That's what I do. Like Morrissey or something. Morrissey does that. He's the way he is. He's not thinking, "I have to be like Morrissey," you know? He is Morrissey. And that's how lyrics are for me. Whereas maybe David Bowie, or something, he's a trend-sniffing magpie, and that's his art, his talent.*Read the full article here. - Source

Kim Deal: "You Know, Malkmus Is Being A Bit Of A Bitch..."

'90s alt-rock fight! As prematurely mentioned, we dig the new Breeders album, Mountain Battles. We also like aspects of Real Emotional Trash, though we still say it runs on (and on). Which is sorta what Kim Deal's saying about the mouth of our favorite late-night Fox News Channel guest in the new issue of Time Out. It starts with this question from the interviewer:

TONY: Did the success of that song ["Cannonball'] cause any jealousy among your indie-rock peers? - Source

Pavement planning reunion

The former members of Pavement have been in discussions about reforming - and may get back together in 2009. - Source

Pavement & Jay Z: The Slack Album

Are you sick of the Jay Z mash ups? DJ Danger Mouse's Grey Album opened up the floodgates of copycats which include Jay Z remixed with Metallica and Weezer. Now there's one more to add which remixes Jay Z's Black Album with Pavement's classic Slanted and Enchanted. The Slack Album available for download now. I can't imagine any repeated listening, it's a cool novelty but nothing exceptional. It's still worth downloading.

Pavement Didn't Split

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Stateside!


Pavement Splits

Depending on which site you read, then you've probably heard that Pavement has split. They announced their final show in London at Brixton Academy. Matador records hasn't released an official statment but it seems likely that they will call it quits.