Radiohead Webcast

RADIOHEAD, after their "interesting" stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend, are playing in Toronto tonight, and the audio from the show will be webcast via VirtueCast.Com. The band's Los Angeles appearance on October 20th will be webcast via the band's official site,

The Radiohead Brief

Not to come across as your home for all things RADIOHEAD, but the media juggernaut surrounding the band right now is reaching manic levels. Almost every single major music website this morning is spotlighting a story on the band, whether it be:

  • their #1 U.S.


Radiohead Hit #1 in America

Well, they did it. In a rather stunning turn of events, our beloved RADIOHEAD currently have the #1 album in the US with "Kid A." In its first week of release, the band shifted over 200,000 units, allowing it to easily slide into the top position on this week's Billboard chart. All that for a record with no singles, no videos, and no normal promotion. Not bad.

Everything Radiohead

RADIOHEAD's Los Angeles show at the Greek Theater on October 20th will be the only US show according to L.A. radio station, KROQ. The tickets will go onsale Saturday (9/30) at 10am for and there's a two ticket limit. KROQ will also be playing the entire album on Sunday night at 8pm. Here are a few scary Radiohead pictures from the Spin magazine of Thom and the band.


Rumors For An Upcoming Radiohead US Tour

RADIOHEAD are scheduled to play the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on October 20, 2000. According to Allstar the news came from a source at Capitol Records. Radiohead will also be performing on Saturday Night Live on October 14 and it's rumored that they will play a separate New York show around the same time. Radiohead's forth album, Kid A, will be released on October 3, 2000.

Radiohead's Kid A Details

RADIOHEAD, via their amazing website, have unveiled full details on their new album. The album, to be entitled "Kid A," is due for an anticipated US release on October 3rd. The group have also revealed the full tracklisting for the album, and here it is: Everything in Its Right Place Kid A The National Anthem How To Disappear Completely Treefingers Optimistic In Limbo Idioteque Morning Bell Motion Picture Soundtrack


Radiohead Finish Recording

RADIOHEAD have confirmed via their website that recording of their next album has finally finished. The album, originally scheduled for release right about now, has been held up until late summer/early fall due to the band's extensive time in the studio. The album currently remains un-named.

Radiohead Announce European Tour

RADIOHEAD just announced their European tour. Now this doesn't have any direct impact on the Americas, but they also suggested that their album will be finished by the end of this month and it slated for release in September. The US tour is expected to start in early 2001.

Radiohead Webcast Rumor

Word on the rumour mill is that RADIOHEAD are planning yet another live webcast from their site ( sometime in the near future, possibly as early as this week. Last month, Radiohead took to the 'Net in an unannounced surprise webcast where the band played and DJ'ed live for over an hour. Last we heard, Radiohead were publicly asking for demo tapes of unsigned bands to be sent to them -- it could mean that they'll play these tapes during the webcast.


Studio Check

There's a bevy of studio activity afoot right now. Here's a look at some of the bands in the creative process as we speak:

MANSUN have begun work on their third album, the follow-up to "Six," which was just released in the U.S. this week. Initial reports indicate the band's heading for a more straight-forward approach with this one.

THE CHARLATANS have completed construction of their new personal studio, and are hard at work on their first album to be recorded since the untimely death of keyboardist Rob Collins. Expect an August release, we're told.