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Saint Etienne Back in America

In support of the January US release of Tales from Turnpike House, Saint Etienne are headed back to America for a *quick* US Tour. The four (yes, only four) dates can be found on our Tour Page but I thought I'd alert you to a few extra events going on...

Sunday, January 12...

Film screenings of Finisterre & What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?
Galapagos Art Space, 70 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Monday, January 13...

Le One Night Stand
Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette Street, NYC, 11 pm - 4 am
Special Guest DJ: Bob Stanley with Resident DJs: Melody Nelson (Calling All The Kids), Sheila B. (BUST + Cha Cha Charming), Josh Styles + Peppermintwist (Smashed! Blocked!), Plus go-go girls: Anna Copacabanna + Kamila

Saint Etienne want to be your Valentine

Yeh I know it's not yet Christmas, you think I'm jumping the gun on announcing Valentine's news. Me? Never. SAINT ETIENNE have announced tour dates for the new year (hot on the heels of their new US record label news). They're flying over for a quick US tour to be your valentine. Dates are up on our tour page and the record (with 3 more tracks than the UK release) is due out January 24. Fingers crossed but perhaps on this US tour we could get a few DJ sets from Bob Stanley. (nudge nudge)

The World According to Saint Etienne

Saint EtienneIt may not be obvious but Saint Etienne have had a busy year. They've released not one but two compilation/mix cd's, an American Best of through SubPop and have been putting their finishing touches on a new record, all the while growing their little family with new children and marriages. They've recorded 23 tracks (!) for the new disc... and Bob has let a few details slip here and there. If you'd like a preview... you can join the few of us who are making the trip overseas for their London New Years Eve show with The Concretes and The Magic Numbers.
I was lucky enough to catch a live set by the Magic Numbers in London in March and was absolutely floored. Keep an eye out for new material from them on Heavenly Records, or you could take a peek at their video for 'Hymn For Her' at NME.

Saint Etienne - Finisterre

Saint Etienne - Finisterre
(Mantra - UK Release 30 Sept. 02)

"Baby nothing lasts forever."

So one child, two marriages and two years later, they return. Their lives have been all about change, and titling their newest release 'Finisterre' (the end of the world) is a departure from the escapism of 'Sound of Water'. I was not a huge fan of the last album. I needed them to get that German minimalism out of their system, as I've always loved St. Etienne for that perfect pop song they're able to write. If I'd wanted to hear To Rococco Rot with Sarah singing, I'd find a bootleg mix. They've gone a bit further back to their roots with 'Finisterre'. It's always intriguing to me which influences they're wearing on their sleeves during each album. The campy Dusty and Motown influence of 'Good Humor' was such a departure from the Pet Shop (and Beach) Boys perfection of where they'd started with 'Fox Base Alpha' and 'So Tough'. I feel like this disc melds all their musical passion into one glorious beat box anthem.


Saint Etienne's US Tour

Some good news for a change. The ever classy SAINT ETIENNE , now signed to Sub Pop in the U.S. are set for a brief U.S. tour in December. The tentative dates are up in Tours. Prior to this jaunt, the band have only played two U.S. dates in their nearly ten year history, both of which were in conjunction with the CMJ conference in 1994.