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Sing-Sing Back in the Studio

After an online plea to fans some months ago, SING-SING have managed to raise the cash to start putting together their second record...

You know when celebrities say when they have won an award, "I couldn't have done it without my fans"? Well, literally - we could not have done it without you guys. Some of you already know this but we are making Sing-Sing album number 2! Yes, our appeal raised enough cash for us to go back into the studio and record the songs that have waited to be recorded all this time. The response was really beyond our wildest dreams so we both want to say a big THANK-YOU to you all!! This band is continuing because of you lot. You can all pat yourselves on the back!

Update - we are working on an 11-track album which we hope will be released sometime late 2004. Like the EP, Mark Van Hoen and El Drezidente are producing and Alan Moulder will be mixing again. It's all very exciting as it's sounding very good in this early stage. We haven't thought of an album title yet but here are some track names 'Come, Sing Me A Song', 'Lover', 'Mr Karachi', 'Going Out Tonight'......


Sing Sing Try to Do It Alone

SING-SING have issued an internet appeal to their fans. The band (the new project from LUSH's Emma Anderson, in case you've been in a cave for the past couple years) have left their record label and set out on their own to independently record and promote their second album. Trouble is, they don't have enough funds right now to go into the studio and record it!

The band are urging fans to order a copy of their independently-released EP, "Madame Sing-Sing". All proceeds from the sale of the EP will go to fund the studio time required to record the new full-length. Songs are written, producers have been found, now they just need the funding. We won't kid you, the internet appeal issued today sounds a bit dire, with Emma and Lisa saying the future of the band now rests in the hands of its fans. We here at Excellent love Sing-Sing and are huge fans of Emma's, and we strongly encourage you guys to pick up the new EP (it's quite good!) Help save a fantastic band!

Sing-Singing in America

It took them awhile, but on September 3rd, North Americans can finally expect the release of Sing-Sing material domestically. The album will be released on Manifesto Records with the following tracklisting:


Sing Sing Ready Album

According to the unofficial Sing Sing website, the debut ablum by Emma Anderson's new band SING SING is recorded and ready for release within the next couple of months. The album is said to be entitled "Siamese" and will be preceded by a new single called "I'll Be".