Ballet to feature music by Arcade Fire, Spoon

Renowned dance troupes have choreographed original works to the music of Arcade Fire, Spoon and The Rosebuds, among other Merge Records artists, which they will perform at a one-off event next month. - Source

New Spoon Video - "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb"

Continuing today's early theme of animated videos, Spoon's Double Triple & Ryan Junell-directed "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" features a patterned land of floating light bulbs and drums, construction paper lightning, clapping hands (real and fake), a little 'c'mon' and 'huh' action (duh, it's Spoon), and stiff ladies. If you stick around long enough, there's even real-life Britt checking out what's in the fridge.

The producers describe the process: "It's a 3 minute stop-motion animation of paper cutouts done by hand and sequenced on a computer." Want to make your own? Look at the pretty behind-the-scenes stills here. Get to it, lazybones. - Source

Cloverfield Party Mix

For your next fateful, monster-interrupted loft party, do it Cloverfield style; Hypeful has assembled fulll MP3s of all the "indie-tastic tunes playing in the background of Rob's farewell party" (starring Spoon, Architecture In Helsinki, and of Montreal, etc.). And for as many off-hand jokes we've made about Cloverfield, you'd think we'd all have seen this movie a million times by now. How many times has Stereogum actually combined to see this movie? None. None many times. So ... was it good? More on Hypeful.  Source