Strokes in the Studio

In an official word from THE STROKES, they've gone back to the studio to start work on the sophomore album. The New York five piece has decided to start laying down a few tracks with famed Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. If all goes well they will continue working with Godrich otherwise... they've left it up in the air as to whom they might employ next. They are *aiming* at the new album being out Late August or September but certainly can't be held to that timeframe yet.

In an effort to get the record out there will be NO UPCOMING LIVE SHOWS. Apparently they get lots of email about this, so leave em alone, there's no chance until sometime after the album release. After that point, they are expected to attempt tours in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the US. A few of the songs you might have heard live in the past are expected to make the new disc, including: "You Talk Way Too Much", "The Way It Is", "Meet Me in the Bathroom" and "I Can't Win".

Tonight, on a Very Special "The Strokes"

Paul Marin sent in a great link to an article on where they discuss the possibility of a "The Strokes" show. My favorite is, of course, "The Strokes of Hazzard".


San Diego, CA, 4th & B
February 3, 2002

Why can't the Strokes just be good. Some people love them to death, some people hate their guts, I on the other hand can't decide! I think their album is super catchy and really fun, but it also sounds really weak and stupid at the same time. So I had a hard time deciding when my friend asked me to go to the Strokes show, but I eventually agreed.


Strokes of Bad Luck: US Release RECALLED

Some may call them the most talked-about garage rock band in history. Others seem to call them "THE GREATEST AMERICAN BAND OF OUR GENERATION." (Thank you, UK press.) Whatever your take on 'em is, THE STROKES have the most hotly anticipated debut album of the fall... and now it's tracklisting is being changed in the wake of the tragedy at the World Trade Center. The gruff anthem "New York City Cops" has been pulled from all U.S. copies due to its anti-police sentiment.


Strokes - Is This It?

If you listen to the UK press then the Stokes are the greatest band since.. umm... the last mediocre band that were hyped beyond belief. I'm trying to listen to the album and ignoring all that crap in the press but it's hard. Even the Stone Roses debut album wouldn't be able to live up to the hype that 'Is This It' is getting.