Brett Anderson goes Solo

"I'm literally about to go to the studio and finish off my solo album. I kind of half finished it a year ago and I've been living with it and we're just putting a few final touches to it. It should be released next year and I'm very proud of it."

In an exclusive to Xfm Brett Anderson (formerly of Suede, now of The Tears) announces the imminent completion of his first solo record. He claims in the interview that the difference between his material and The Tears is a lack of guitars... but then goes on to admit there are actually guitars on the record and oh by the way they're all played by him. Yeh it's all about as confusing as this statement... "I co-wrote all the songs with a guy called Fred Bull who was in a band called Pleasure. He's a mate and we started writing together and it went really well so we just made the record." Co-wrote? How does one co-write a solo project?