unbelievable truth

Unbelievable Truth Split

Bad news for fans of THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH, because the unbelievable truth is that they're splitting. Rumours had been circulating for a few months, and now they've been realized with an announcement this week on the band's official website. For those not in the know, UT is led by Andy Yorke, younger brother of Radiohead's Thom. Following a farewell gig next month, Yorke has decided apparantly to quit the music business altogether in favor of "work involving Russia and Eastern Europe."

Virgin Drops Unbelievable Truth

Excellent Online can exclusively reveal a bit of bad news: THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH have been dropped by their record label, Virgin. In a post to the band's mailing list today, drummer Nigel Powell says the band "only found out a couple hours ago. The immediate effects of this are, of course, there is [sic] no release dates for anything, and we're cancelling [a scheduled] gig.


Unbelievable Truth US Tour

We're beginning to hear word about a North American tour from THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH. One report has them opening a few dates in November for the Barenaked Ladies; another report has them playing a few one-off gigs, including Johnny Depp's infamous Viper Room in L.A. Of course, we'll keep you posted as the dates become official.