Weller Out of A Jam

Looks like PAUL WELLER has gotten himself out of quite a jam. The allegations of rape have been dropped. PAUL WELLER is now calling for a change in the law on the reporting of alleged rape cases. Weller calls for the "need for anonymity...extended to both parties in such cases...especially prior to any criminal charges being brought."

Beautiful South Loose Vocalist

THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH have run into trouble during their US tour. According to a story this morning on NME, the band have lost co-vocalist Jacqueline Abbott for the remainder of the jaunt. The official word at this point is that Abbott had to cancel her role in the tour for "personal reasons." It's to be assumed that this doesn't impact her role in the band - just on this tour. This will be the second time that Abbott has missed out on a US tour - during the band's last trek through the States, she was pregnant and unable to fly.

Weller In A Jam

Details are thus far pretty sketchy, but nearly every news agency in the world is reporting tonight that PAUL WELLER has been arrested on charges of rape. The charges stem from an incident four years ago, and little other information is currently available. The UK superstar was released shortly after booking. We'll bring you more details as they become available.

Chameleons US Tour

THE CHAMELEONS have announced details of their first U.S. shows in nearly fifteen years. The band will play at the Troubador in L.A. on November 24th and the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on November 26th.

Radiohead Webcast

RADIOHEAD, after their "interesting" stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend, are playing in Toronto tonight, and the audio from the show will be webcast via VirtueCast.Com. The band's Los Angeles appearance on October 20th will be webcast via the band's official site,

The Radiohead Brief

Not to come across as your home for all things RADIOHEAD, but the media juggernaut surrounding the band right now is reaching manic levels. Almost every single major music website this morning is spotlighting a story on the band, whether it be:

  • their #1 U.S.


Radiohead Hit #1 in America

Well, they did it. In a rather stunning turn of events, our beloved RADIOHEAD currently have the #1 album in the US with "Kid A." In its first week of release, the band shifted over 200,000 units, allowing it to easily slide into the top position on this week's Billboard chart. All that for a record with no singles, no videos, and no normal promotion. Not bad.

Evening Session Turns Ten

Gazing about the net, we've found a couple things of interest for everybody this week:


Paul Weller Cancelled US Tour

Live Daily is confirming today that PAUL WELLER has cancelled his entire forthcoming North American tour. The reason being lack of funds. All tickets can be refunded at the point of purchase.

Everything Radiohead

RADIOHEAD's Los Angeles show at the Greek Theater on October 20th will be the only US show according to L.A. radio station, KROQ. The tickets will go onsale Saturday (9/30) at 10am for and there's a two ticket limit. KROQ will also be playing the entire album on Sunday night at 8pm. Here are a few scary Radiohead pictures from the Spin magazine of Thom and the band.