Oasis Live Album

OASIS are readying a live album to be released sometime early next year, according to a report on NME. The album is being culled from the band's brief American tour earlier this year. There's still been no official announcement as to the band's future, following the row between Liam and Noel Gallagher that sent big brother Noel off the tour and to his Ibiza hideaway. Noel claimed in interviews last week that he was readying a solo album; Liam, still on the road with the rest of the band, says that if Noel continues with the solo record, Oasis will be no more.


Courtney Love Opens Her Big Fat Mouth

COURTNEY LOVE is doing what she does best today: making people put her name in boldface in news stories. Courtney's taken to the pages of Salon Magazine to make her points about Napster known to the world. In a (somewhat disjointed) letter, Hole takes the side of Metallica's Lars Ulrich in stating that she'll also file a lawsuit if her songs have been misappropriated; however, she goes on to support free music swapping and file sharing on Napster, as long as the labels don't see any cash from the mp3-swapping utilities.


Shed 7 Ink a US Deal

SHED SEVEN have signed a new record deal, following their departure from Polydor Records last year. The band will now be releasing all material through Artful Records, best known for their work with The Fall and The Clint Boon Experience. The band are expected to enter the studio next month to begin work on the next album, expected in early 2001.

Beta Band Version 2.0

THE BETA BAND are set to begin work on their sophomore album this September. In an interview with NME, Beta frontman Steve Mason reveals that the group were on the verge of splitting following the horrid reception of their first full-length record last year. The new album is said to be full of shorter, more concise tracks. The band recently found US acclaim after being featured in John Cusack's movie adaptation of Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity."

Happy Mondays Split.... Again

In true old school fashion, Shaun Ryder told the NME today that there will be no further HAPPY MONDAYS releases, citing his hatred for the rest of the band. The reformed Mondays, who co-headline next weekend's Glastonbury Festival, were previously thought to be working on an album of all-new material, but according to Ryder, this is not to be.


Ian Brown US Troubles

A little bit of finality to the IAN BROWN saga. Interscope Records' web site still shows him belonging to their roster, but the US tour is officially off, with the exception of TWO dates: New York (rescheduled to June 25th) and Los Angeles (still on June 29th.) Though Interscope still has him listed as a signed artist, whenever a label pulls tour support like this, it's a baaaaaad sign.

Most of Ian Brown's Tour is Cancelled

We're getting a little irked that we can't find out the official story on the unfolding IAN BROWN U.S. tour story, but we're still trying. This we know: The only two dates that havn't been cancelled as of yet are New York and Los Angeles. The circulating rumour is that Ian's been dropped by his American label, and that they've cut off tour support. We honestly don't know if this is true or not - there's been NO official statement yet. Again, we'll keep you updated.

Possible Ian Brown Tour Cancellations

We are receiving word today that IAN BROWN is cancelling some, if not all, of his North American tour. We know at this time that the Canadian shows, as well as the Boston gig, have been pulled. More details as we know them...

Brave Captain Samples Online

Wichita Recordings currently has available several sound clips from BRAVE CAPTAIN, otherwise known as our favorite ex-Boo Radley MARTIN CARR. According to Wichita's website, the first material from Carr's new outfit is expected this July. Read all about Carr and the fledgling label's activities via their website,

Apples In Stereo Cancel US Tour

Is Excellent Online cursed? Examine, if you will, the evidence: We interview the Candyskins - their label goes under and they split. We interview Symposium - they split. And now comes the latest: We interview the APPLES IN STEREO - they cancel their entire US tour. However, this time there's an up side to the story.