Pavement Didn't Split

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Stateside!


Creation to Close Doors

An era is INDEED about to pass, as news reaches us today that CREATION RECORDS may soon cease to exist, and if it DOES continue on, it will do so without its founder, ALAN McGEE. McGee announced today that he is to step down as founder and president effective June 2000, to explore other business ventures. Under McGee's helm, Creation went from a bedroom-based operation to become one of the premier independent labels in the world.


Petition For Ian Brown to Release 'Billie Jean' Cover

Ian Brown has been performing Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' at recent gigs. The fans have started a petition in hopes to get the cover released as a single. You can help the cause by sending an email to:

When Ass is A**

Groove Armada are being forced to re-record their single, I See You Baby for America because they use the word "ass". The lyrics are along these lines:

I see you baby /
shakin' that ass /
shakin' that ass /
now don't touch me

They are replacing the offensive word with "thing" but I don't expect it to have the same effect.

This track is a favorite for Fatboy Slim as it was used regularly in his live DJ set.

Pavement Splits

Depending on which site you read, then you've probably heard that Pavement has split. They announced their final show in London at Brixton Academy. Matador records hasn't released an official statment but it seems likely that they will call it quits.

Travis's 'The Man Who' US Release

Travis' latest album, The Man Who, was released this past May in the UK. American fans will be slightly pleased to know that it will hit American shelves on April 11th, 2000 by Epic records, just shy of a full year. And to make sure that the hardcore fans who have already picked up the import buy the domestic version, Epic records have decided to add three bonus live tracks to the US version: "Driftwood", "Slide Show", and "More Then Us".

Blur and Fatboy Slim Take Home MTV Europe Awards

The MTV Europe awards were held last week on November 11th, and FATBOY SLIM took home the Best Dance Act award. The most notable award went to BLUR because they won Best Video for 'Coffee and TV' which is simply an amazing video.

Andy Bell Joins Oasis. Yes, ex-Ride Andy Bell

This is not a joke. We repeat, this is not a joke. Creation Records is confirming today that the new bass player in OASIS is ANDY BELL, former lead guitarist of RIDE and HURRICANE #1. I've now been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something to say about this. I can't.

Pet Shop Boys Prepare A Musical

The Pet Shop Boys are working on a musical with playwright Jonathan Harvey (Beautiful Thing). They will be using extra tracks that didn't make on their current release, "Nightlife". The play, which remains title-less, is expected to open next year if everything works out.

Fatboy Slim is a Rich Mofo

Fatboy Slim is makin' bank! NME reports that he has been named the quickest multi-millionaire in music history. The info came from the 1999 Rock Accounts report which also metions The Chemical Brothers and Jamiroquai in the top 10. Fatboy Slim made his money with the success of his latest album, "You've Come A Long Way, Baby" which came out over a year ago.