Chemical Brothers Surrender Details

The forthcoming CHEMICAL BROTHERS album is entitled "Surrender" and is set to be released in June. Along with the previously mentioned collaborations, the album also features a track with Hope Sandoval of MAZZY STAR. The first single, "Hey Boy Hey Girl" will be released in May. GUS GUS are set to return as well. Their new album "This is Normal" is set for an April release.

More Oasis Troubles

More legal trouble for OASIS. Imagine that. Last week, Bonehead was arrested at a Tommy Hilfiger party for getting into it with a security guard. This week, ex-drummer Tony McCarroll's lawsuit against the band is set for trial. Hard to decide who to root for in that one. UPDATE! Oasis have settled on the eve of trial with their former drummer Tony McCarroll. Terms have not been disclosed, but it's safe to say that Tony is probably a fairly happy camper today.

Possible Gomez/Mojave 3 Tour

MOJAVE 3 and GOMEZ may be touring the states together starting in April. Further details are expected soon.

Candyskins Reissues Pushed Back

The CANDYSKINS reissues, due on the wonderful Velvel label, have been pushed back to the summer. All three previous Candyskins albums are set to be rereleased stateside, including the third album, which has never before been released in America.

Mojave 3, Blur, and Underworld Tour Updates

Tour rumor central! The 4AD site is reporting that MOJAVE 3 are planning an "extensive" tour of the U.S. in late March or Early April. A bit further down the road, BLUR may be returning to the U.S. this fall for a quick jaunt, already contrasting with their earlier plans to never tour again. Finally, click on tours for the newly announced dates for UNDERWORLD who will be touring in April in support of their third album, "Beaucoup Fish."


The Summer of '99 may end up remembered as a year of reunions. The tax-bill inspired HAPPY MONDAYS reunion tour has sold out and even added extra dates. Most of the original lineup is back in place, including, most importantly, Bez. Meanwhile, the tantalizing STONE ROSES reunion rumors continue to rumble. Where is Burnweed with all those pre-millenium insights when you need him? [Editor's Note: He's already appeared!


Seahorses Split

Well, we WERE going to shut down the news desk for a week while we move (see story below.) We WERE... until news broke this week that John Squire has split THE SEAHORSES. Apparantly Squire and Chris Helme reached an impasse over the direction of the band and chose to pack it in. This announcement has immediately caused a flury of The Great Stone Roses Reunion rumours across the Internet and beyond.


Mogwai Comes Back to the US

MOGWAI are returning to the US for one New York show this Monday. They were just signed to Matador Records who will release their album, "Come On, Die Young" on April 6th. According to the Matador website, this will be the last US show for Mogwai until their tour this fall.

New Breeders Material

Sonicnet is reporting that THE BREEDERS are set to release their first new recording in several years. The song, entitled "Collage" will appear on the Mod Squad soundtrack, which is set to be released on March 23rd.

Dandy Warhols Complete Third Album

THE DANDY WARHOLS are set to return with their 3rd album, which is nearly completed, within the next few months. The Dandys were voted best North American band in the 1998 Excellent Poll.