Enjoy their Morning Becomes Eclectic performance here. - Source

Uploading Kills: OiNK Operators, Players Face Charges

UK-based BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shuttered last year, though participants are now facing charges.  That includes admin Alan... - Source

The Cure score four singles in US Top 20

The Cure have scored an impressive feat in the US this week, with four singles charting in the Billboard Top 20 single sales chart. - Source

Elbow: 'Mercury win is best thing that's ever happened to us'

Elbow claimed that their Nationwide Mercury Prize victory is "the best thing that's ever happened to " during their acceptance speech tonight (September 9). - Source

Vote Flaming Lips For Official State Of Oklahoma Rock Song

Yoshimi/Land Rover's "Do You Realize?" is up against nine other nominees including All-American Rejects, JJ Cale, Elvis Presley, and the Ventures, and other folks who are either from Oklahoma or whose work has some sort of Oklahoman affiliation. The voting is open to the public (no matter where you live) until 11/15 and the winning track will be presented to the OK legislature in 2009: Vote! (Great people of Oklahoma, will you move if All-American Rejects win this thing?) - Source

Sonic Youth Sign To Matador

Since they've fulfilled their contractual obligations to Universal, Sonic Youth announced that they'd decided to return to their more independent roots without specifying which label (Sub Pop? Domino? Matador?). This morning Matador's Gerard Cosloy wrote a post confirming that SY "recently reached an agreement with Matador to release the band's 16th album of new material in all worldwide territories, save for Japan." Look for it "sometime in 2009." He then says some nice things about his most recent signees: - Source

The Stills Unfetter Bizarre Vlog

Freak yourself out by watching the clip below. Stills MP3 at bottom of post.MP3: The Stills - In The Beginning - Source

Daft Punk Soundtracks New Car Ad

'Technologic' plus 2009's Lincoln MKS equals the following 30 second commercial. - Source

Oasis' Noel Gallagher Assaulted On Stage In Toronto

Maybe this guys was a mistaken, ugly Radiohead fan, but what's even more surprising than this on-stage attack of Noel is that brother Liam actually stuck up for him. - Source

'Indie music fans have low self-esteem'

A new study has concluded that fans of indie music have low self-esteem and little motivation, but generally describe themselves as creative. - Source