Air America Goes Live!

By shane

So we here at Excellent Online try our best to be even-handed and leave any of our particular political leanings at home (as, after all, music is music is music, and is open for folks of ALL persuasions to dig!) That said, we DID want to mention how excited we are about the launch of AIR AMERICA RADIO, the nation's only talk radio network devoted to the liberal agenda. Regardless of your political slant, be happy that we finally now have BOTH sides of the political spectrum represented on our airwaves. Conservatives have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan, etc... and now liberals have Air America and its wide-ranging cast of air talent, including former SNL writer Al Franken, Public Enemy founder Chuck D., liberal "it" girl Janeane Garofalo, and our good friend, comedian Marc Maron (remember him from our "Flirt!" compilation?) The fledgling network is only available in select markets at this point, but IS available nationally via XM satellite radio, and better yet, is globally streamed from their website,