Bjork Discusses What It Means To Be A '2008 Person'

By theajaysharma

She tells The Australian: *"I think I am a very Icelandic person in every way. But, then again, I think my position as an Icelander was to go out and meet people. I also think that, with globalisation and everything, being from one country and having that particular one sound of whatever your nation represents is not true. There's no such thing any more. To be in the moment, to be a 2008 person, it's more of an international affair, especially sonically. You hear the radio in a taxi, and go to an Indian restaurant and hear Indian music. You're hearing everything. I think you can still be from where you are, and be truthful about that, but you are still a person of the world."* Read the rest of the piece here.MP3: Bjork - I Miss You - Source