Bjork Goes Both Ways

By shane

Congratulations go out to Icelandic chanteuse BJORK, who scored a rather major coup for picking up the Best Actress award at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Our favorite elf won for her portrayal of a Czech immigrant in Lars Von Trier's forthcoming film, "Dancer in the Dark." Bjork's character in the film is afflicted with a degenerative eye disease, and as she slips closer to blindness, she escapes by imagining her life to be a musical. The film, which also picked up the coveted Golden Palm award this year at Cannes, has been at the center of media attention this week, following Von Trier's biting account of having to work with Bjork, an experience the director likens to "spending time with a dying person." Bjork, meanwhile, remains steadfast in her claims that this will be her first and last attempt at acting.