Comets On Fire - Blue Cathedral

By brian

Comets on FireFor those who feel that music never really improved this side of 1971, here is a band for you. For those who feel that for their money, it never got any better than MC5, or the Stooges, COMETS ON FIRE is sure to please. Blue Cathedral, the Bay Area bands 3rd album has been released by Sub Pop Records. Earlier albums found themselves closer in nature to full psychedelia, but this one is a bit different.

When I first put the album in the player, I could not grasp what I was hearing. It sounded like two Led Zeppelin albums playing at the same time. It was hard, sludgy, and most certainly acid rock. Go further, and it will reveal organ driven jams, and 1969 era ballroom style Psych-rock. It is very intriguing, and will demand repeat listens to really get the full experience. They have gained a bit of a buzz on their recent tours with Sonic Youth, and Wolf Eyes, and have made a fan of cosmic nutter Julian Cope. To quote Julian, "Comets on Fire deserve our gratitude... for their distillation of all the best rock riffs since High Rise's take on Blue Cheer". If you are a fan of MC5, Blue Cheer, the Stooges, and early Pink Floyd, circa Ummagumma and Meddle, check out Blue Cathedral, from Comets On Fire.