Courtney Love Opens Her Big Fat Mouth

By shane

COURTNEY LOVE is doing what she does best today: making people put her name in boldface in news stories. Courtney's taken to the pages of Salon Magazine to make her points about Napster known to the world. In a (somewhat disjointed) letter, Hole takes the side of Metallica's Lars Ulrich in stating that she'll also file a lawsuit if her songs have been misappropriated; however, she goes on to support free music swapping and file sharing on Napster, as long as the labels don't see any cash from the mp3-swapping utilities. In other words: Napster's good as long as its free - but if the rumored talk of financial support or subscription fees goes to the labels and not the artists, THEN she's opposed. The most interesting portion of Love's letter is her quick slam on Napster's offerings of music, where she echoes Excellent Online's opinion that, "at this point, the 'record collector' geniuses who use Napster don't have the coolest, most arcane selection anyway, unless you're into techno ... For the most part, it was college boy rawk without a lot of imagination. Maybe that's the demographic that cares -- and in that case, My Bloody Valentine and Bert Jansch aren't going to get screwed just yet. There's still time to negotiate." Most interesting about Courtney's stance on Napster is the rumour that it wasn't even written by her. VH-1, among other sites, is claiming that sources are confirming that the letter was, at least in part, written for Courtney by none other than producer extraordinaire STEVE ALBINI.