Creation Will Not Release the New Oasis Record

By shane

CREATION RECORDS head honcho Alan McGee has confirmed today that the new forthcoming OASIS album will likely NOT be released through his label. It was recently announced that McGee and partner Dick Green were exiting the legendary label (which they founded) in June to pursue other interests. At that time, Creation still maintained that "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants," expected to be the biggest selling rock album of 2000, WOULD still come out on the label... all this despite claims from Oasis' Noel Gallagher that the band had no intention of doing so. Conceding, McGee today has announced that the final record to be released on Creation will likely be the new PRIMAL SCREAM album (expected to come out in January,) and that the Oasis album will likely be released via a new label set up by the band themselves. This announcement pretty much puts to rest the question as to whether Creation Records would continue to exist post-McGee... the answer seems to be a resounding NO.