The End of Oasis? One Can Only Hope

By shane

Can't those pesky OASIS lads stay out of the news for ONE day? Apparantly not, with music journos of the world chiseling out a tombstone for the band based on last weekend's shows at Wembley. All hype aside, it DOES appear as though time is running out for the Good Ship Gallagher, as Hurricane Liam punctuated the band's weekend set by being as much of an arse as possible. On estranged wife Patsy? "Bitch." On Noel? "We've been touring the world making money for you while you sit at home." On Wembley? "Shithole." And so on, and so on, complete with changing the lyrics to "Who Feels Love" to, "Thank you for the sun, the one that shines on everyone who DEALS DRUGS." Classy, our kid is. We'll see what happens, but it's likely not the death knoll that many are claiming, especially based on a post-interview with a rather tame Noel Gallagher, who told Radio One that things were "no madder than the other six [times that Liam's gone a bit nutters.]"