Ex-Marion Frontman Arrested

By shane

A sad story makes it way around the Net today. Tough times indeed for former MARION frontman JAIME HARDING, who, according to a press clipping from the Macclesfield Express that's been circulating about the Net, was arrested in his car earlier this month and charged with heroin possession. Also implicated was the singer's girlfriend, Dawn Brocklehurst. The singer has never denied drug problems in the past, and it's been long rumoured that Harding's habit was the real reason behind the band's breakup last year. He recently claimed, however, to be in recovery and working on material with new songwriting partner Wayne Ward. During the arrest, Harding also admitted to stealing lawn ornaments and pawning them to further his drug habit. The two were sentenced to six months probation. The last thing we need on our hands is a Sid & Nancy for our generation - here's hoping this is the final straw to get him well soon.