Excellent Online 2.0

By shane

Cheers all! As you can see, we've shifted our look a wee bit! Welcome officially to Excellent Online V 2.0, which we launched yesterday (see previous news story.) As with any new site, we're still debugging, so if you encounter some links that aren't working, don't panic: We're working out all the glitches.

What does the new site mean to you? Well, primarily, it's a lot easier to maintain and update for US, which in turn means that you'll soon be seeing MORE news, MORE tour dates, MORE reviews, MORE features and columns, and MORE release dates for new music. It is our devout mission to make this site YOUR home for all of your Anglophiliac needs.

Remember that this site is only PART of the Excellent universe -- if you havn't already, feel free to apply for membership to the Excellent UK Indie Mailing List, and join other Anglophiles across the globe in discussions and critiques about the world of UK Indie! Click on "Information" to read more.

As always, thanks for visiting the site and be sure to check back, we DO update daily.