Explosions In The Sky/No Age/Eluvium @ The Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles 6/27/09

By theajaysharma

For 10 years now, Austin's Explosions In The Sky have been putting their stamp on a cinematic strain of expansive, chiming instrumental post-rock. This tour is functioning as something of a decade-anniversary celebration, then, with Munaf thanking the Palladium Saturday night for getting emotional with them for all these years. They should thank Friday Night Lights, too; while The Show Everybody Should Be Watching's ratings remain criminally low, there's no denying a certain swell of adoration for EITS after three seasons of providing note-perfect theme music situational music to the note-perfect small town classic. (Gabe knows what I'm talking about.) The Palladium set offered little by way of light show; according to photographer Andrew Youssef, it was just a no frills, "straight up melt your face rock" show. Good undercard too, including fellow atmospheric dramatist Eluvium, and suf-punk relief coming by way of No Age, who played a new song that may or may not have been titled "Fuck Prop 8 In The Face," which may or may not be one of the great song titles of 2009. (It may.) Lots of photos of the night here, and you can catch the Explosions anniversary tour on these dates. - Source