Fooled You!

By shane

Our annual April Fool's Day gag follows below... the following news story ran untouched all day on our site. FYI: we received no fewer than THREE messages going, "Where did you get this information from? This is SO weird!" etc. We LIVE for April 1st...

In an attempt to capitalize on the American success stories of groups like OASIS, BLUR, and THE VERVE, plans have been announced today for a new television series to launch this fall on ABC-TV marketed towards the U.S. Anglophile demographic. The show, tentatively titled "Birds and Blokes," is the latest creation from "Beverly Hills, 90210" brainchild Aaron Spelling. The show revolves around three Texan indiekids who form a crime-fighting scooter gang dubbed the "Southern Mods." The show will be preceded by a forthcoming soundtrack, due this May, which is set to include tracks from HAPPY MONDAYS, THE BETA BAND, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, NORTHSIDE, and CATATONIA, among others. Following the lead set by singer-songwriter Vonda Shepherd's acting spin in "Ally McBeal," "Birds and Blokes" will also feature indie group BELLE AND SEBASTIAN in the recurring role as the advice-dispensing house band at The Union Jaxx, the local coffeehouse frequented by the central characters. Lead singer Stuart Murdoch tells Variety today, "The biggest goal of this band has always been to find universal acceptance in the States, and Aaron Spelling is just the man to give us a fighting chance." The new show will also feature indie fan favorite and former MTV VJ DAVE KENDALL as the voice of Ian, the mysterious mentor of the scooter gang.