Gorillaz Got Robbed!

By theajaysharma

As GORILLAZ have inked a multi-album deal with Virgin Records America, the band's debut album was to be released in the U.S. in early April. However, due to the theft of the American master tapes from the band's private Winnebago, the album is on hold until further notice.

Gorillaz leader and bassist Murdoc regretfully housed the U.S. masters in his personal Winnebago for safekeeping. Included with the masters were two bonus tracks which will appear on the American debut: internationally unreleased track "Left Hand Suzuki Man" and rare UK B-Side "Dracula."
Virgin has received several anonymous tips regarding the whereabouts of the Winnebago and U.S. masters and expects to get the matter resolved quickly.

Gorillaz will be on the road in Europe June 22 - June 29; the band have confirmed they are making arrangements to bring their show to the States later this year.

Contributed by Lisa Y. Garibay