Happy New Year, George Harrison Stabbed!

By shane

Happy new year to all Excellentians out there... keep watching soon for our 1999 recap, including year-end columns from Shane and Dean, as well as the hotly anticipated Excellent 1999 Poll results.
Meanwhile, it's been a busy week for those of you BEATLES lunatic fans... first George Harrison was attacked and stabbed in his British home last week by a fella who apparantly was convinced that the Fab Four were, in fact, witches. Quick hint, mister: just cause a guy plays a sitar and occasionally rides around on broomsticks... anyways, the intruder was subdued by the Missus Harrison, who cracked him one with a lamp. Georgie was taken to hospital with a rather nasty wound to the chest (one inch to the left would've done him in, doctors say,) but gladly, he was released this weekend a bit shaken but still a Traveling Wilbury all the same.

But that's not all... today comes the news that while Harrison was attacked at his UK home, his Hawaiian estate was ALSO the site of a break-in this weekend, by a homeless woman who has also been rumoured to be Beatles-obsessive. However, not finding Harrison at home, she did the next best thing: ordered a pizza and hung out til police arrived.

But the point is, folks, let's chill with the obsessive stalking to mark Y2K... it's been said that the bloke who stabbed Harrison was also THIS obsessed with the brothers Gallagher a few months back. Makes you wonder just where our old "pal" Burnweed is, eh?