I've Wanted To Say This For Years: RIDE REUNION!

By shane

That's right - we're NOT kidding, though it IS just a one-off reunion. NME is reporting today that all 4 original members of RIDE are reforming to perform ONE track for a BBC Channel 4 television programme. The new series, "Pioneers," is a fifteen minute programme spotlighting seminal bands - Ride will be featured on an episode devoted to Sonic Youth, and will likely air sometime in December. Though no sort of permanent reunion is remotely in the offing, it's still bloody brilliant to hear they're doing at least one song together. The band recently released a triple-disc box set that EVERY fan should own, as well as newly re-mastered versions of their entire catalogue, complete with a nice assortment of bonus tracks. Who knows, one-off performances could lead to one- off gigs which could lead to one-off albums...? We don't want to speculate, but we DO want to dream...

UPDATE 17.10: Dave Newton from Shifty Disco just filled us in on the details - apparantly the new track is an improvised instrumental jam done at the TV studios yesterday. The show's producer had asked Mark and Andy to provide some background guitar feedback for the show, and they agreed only on the condition that all four original members be allowed to participate. Mark and Andy also narrate the piece. The band are hoping to have some pics and possibly even video on their official website, www.rideox4.com.