L'Avventura Reimagined

By liz

There's been quite a bit of talk lately about the new project by Dean Wareham of Luna. As his sideproject with Britta Phillips (also of Luna and UltraBabyFat) took off, the pair set out on a US tour to promote their record, L'Avventura. Now it appears they want to take that one step further with the new release L'Avventura reimagined by Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom is best known for his Spaceman 3 work with Jason Pierce of Spiritualized although he's also worked with the likes of Yo La Tengo and Kevin Shields. According to Jet Set Records, "Every track is a brand-new aural adventure, as Mr. Boom gets deeper into the dream and finds the smoky heart of Britta and Dean's gorgeous compositions." The official release of the record is October 3, but it can be picked up now at various independent record stores across the country.

Track listing:
1. Your Baby (Can't Stand The Rain)
2. Hear the Wind Blow (Down Moonlight Mile)
3. Knives From Bavaria (Spoonful of Fun)
4. Moonshot (Myths of Heaven)
5. Ginger Snaps (And Sugar Winks)
6. Your Baby (Lets You Down Gently)