Marion Splits

By shane

MARION have called it a day, following the chaos surrounding the release of their second album, The Program. Originally the album was to be released in the UK by London Records last year. When it looked as if the label was more keen on dropping the band than releasing the record, Marion shopped the album around to other distributors. Perhaps in response to the situation (noone knows for sure,) before the album could be picked up by another label, London went ahead and issued the album without the band's approval (and without ANY promotion or fanfare.) Disappointing sales and reviews immediately followed. Recently, the band had migrated to the West Coast of the U.S. in effort to get The Program released in the States. Despite a large grass-roots marketing campaign, which actually resulted in a Marion video appearing twice on 120 Minutes earlier this year, the band could not reach an agreement with a new label or gain the rights to the album from the old label. Regardless, the situation seemed hopeless and it's now confirmed that the band have folded into separate projects.