Of Montreal Up To New Tricks

By shane

Finally some news on one of our favorite US indiepop bands.

It's been almost a year and a half since any new material from OF MONTREAL... which, for that band, is a bit of a record.

Here's what we HAVE known: Following the band's last release, "Aldhil's Arboretum," in January of 2002, Of Montreal parted with longtime label Kindercore Records. Talk during the tour was that they were planning a double album follow-up, featuring one record of uplifting pop, and another record of down-tempo, moody numbers. That tour was also the last to feature guitarist Andy Gonzales, who left the band in mid-2002 to return to school and focus on his own project, The Marshmallow Coast. In February of 2003, Of Montreal contributed their only new track of the year, "Sad Love," to Excellent Online's own "Flirt!" free mp3 compilation. About the same time, Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes set off with his girlfriend and brother, playing low-key performance art gigs under the name A Pollinaire Rave. Finally, we learned that earlier this summer, Barnes tied the knot with his girlfriend Nina (formerly of cult Scando faves Ethnobabes.)

So, yeah, a lot of random news, but... NO NEW MUSIC, and no news of a new label or new material... until now. Finally, a cryptic but happy post to the band's website:

"Hello everyone. So much has happened since the last update. We have moved out of our house in the country, Kevin has gotten married, Jamey has toured with the Essex Green, Dottie has become a bartender, Andy has gone back to school, David has created tons of amazing portraits (thebeewithwheels @ yahoo.com) and Derek has set up his own mastering studio (drakefromthelake @ hotmail.com). We have begun recording a new album which will hopefully be finished before the end of the year. Look for some sneak mp3s soon as well as some new short stories. The new album is going to be more electronic. I hope that doesn't offend anyone."

Is the rumored double album dead in the water? Do they have a new label? "Electronic"??? Time will tell...