Murdoc, 2D, Russel, Noodle and You?

By liz

How would you like to be in the most successful animated band on the planet? (To be fair... I can't say the competition is that tough after all Josie and the Pussycats and the like haven't been drawn in ages). Gorillaz are searching for a new bandmate and are offering web surfers the exclusive chance to "Get Yer Skills Out!". From the mouth of the toons...

We are looking to shine a light on brand new talents, and are asking people from all creative fields to send in submissions. Entries could be anything from animations, musical, sickly off-cuts, brief sketches, film scenes, caught-on-cameras clips, out-takes, voice-overs, bits of unused footage, whether humorous, dark, edgy, juvenile, insightful or thought provoking.  We are hoping that this will throw up some truly creative fresh talents, and provide an open forum for people who would normally have no outlet to display their work.

Details are available on