The National Preview Material From Forthcoming Album

By theajaysharma

The next National album, 'High Violet', will be released on May 11 and there are already some videos of the new songs online.  The first video we have is from "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" where they played the opening track, "Terrible Love".  Since I'm typically pessimistic, I didn't expect much, but this song is fantastic.  It has a nice build up to the crescendo which I'm a total sucker for.

Following that, we have a fan video (via Pitchfork) of The National performing, "Vanderlylle Cry Baby".  It's more on the mellower side and I'm reserving judgement until I can get the album in my hands.  Click on read more to see the two videos.

"Terrible Love" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon":

"Vanderlylle Cry Baby" Live in Brooklyn: