A New Generation of Shoegazers?

By liz

SlowdiveThe music buying public has seen quite a few re-releases and compilations as of late of the early 90s shoegazing "scene". None has been quite as puzzling as the forthcoming 2 disc compilation of Slowdive material 'Catch The Breeze' due out on Sanctuary in the UK on September 24. From some reports the band (now either gone solo or members of Mojave 3) have been actively participating in the release process, and yet other reports claim the band has absolutely no say in this? With no news from Sanctuary yet, it's hard to tell... but we can tell that with this compilation joining Best Of's from Ride, Chapterhouse, House of Love and Curve... it looks like someone's out to show the kids of today why we were staring at our shoes in the first place. We've got a preliminary tracklisting for you that you can argue it's contents over with other Slowdive fans on the Mojave 3 Msg Boards...

Avalyn 1
She Calls
Catch the breeze
Golden Hair
Spanish Air
So Tired
Souvlaki Space Station
Some Velvet Morning
Machine Gun
Here she comes
When the sun hits
In mind
Good day sunshine
Missing you
Crazy for you
Blue skied and clear