New Ride EP Released

By theajaysharma

Well, it's been several years but the new Ride EP has been released. "Coming Up For Air" is the title and it ws recorded with all four original members for a UK show called "Pioneers". Since only a minute of the music was actually used, Ride decided to release the EP. We've covered this before here and here. Piero has the full announcement inside.

...ok, ok, I know that this RIDE news update comes a bit late but it all happened while I was away and only now I've been able to put these pieces of info together and send them through the wire. My fault, sorry!

Anyway... "Coming Up For Air" is out now. And you should really rush if you want to get yourself a copy because only 1000 Cds have been printed and they're selling incredibly fast!

You can get yours only from RIDE's official website or from OxfordMusic.Net and nowhere else.

For those who are wondering what I'm talking about, all the original members of RIDE briefly reunited last September in a London studio to record a jam session that was supposed to be broadcasted as part of Channel4's music show "Pioneers". Only one minute of footage was actually screened on TV, so the band thought it would have been a waste if they kept those recordings in some drawer, and therefore they decided to make them available to RIDE fans in the shape of a brand new EP titled "Coming Up For Air".

According to the band's official newsletter the EP features three tracks: the first two are "soundchecks" where the band works out the basis of the track that they then later performed, while track #3 is the full 30 minute jam. There are only going to be 1000 copies of this CD EP release and hence the online orders are limited to 4 copies per order. It's the first time the four band members have all recorded together since August '95 and so they're really proud that this can finally be released.

Another good news is that after six years there is some new RIDE merchandising available: the band has designed brand new t-shirts that you can buy from the previously mentioned websites.

Last but not least, the boxset and the re-printed back catalogue have been selling so well that the band is confident to be able to get a proper domestic US release for the 15 track "best of" cd in Autumn. Good enough for American fans! More news about this (label, release date, etc.) as soon as I'm told more...