A New Year's Resolution

By shane

Well, folks, welcome to 2007.

If you haven't noticed, we've been slacking. It ends here.

One of the sucky things about not getting, umm, PAID to run a website is that we're forced to hold day jobs. And occasionally night jobs. And midday jobs. And some of take classes. Some of us teach classes. You get the drift.

In the latter half of 2006, we let it get the best of us, and the information you've come to expect from Excellent suffered. It's a fresh year, we've got a breath of fresh air, and it's time to get back to business. We're not going anywhere. So stay tuned as we once again bring Excellent to the quality you guys expect from the site.

Priority #1 is belatedly holding our 2006 Year-End Poll of our members. That's going on right NOW, and we'll have the results posted for ya in just a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we're about to open the flood gates with information galore. We've already added a boatload of new tour dates, and be ready for the influx of shows that'll start happening around SXSW in just a couple months.

Keep checking back every day. We're on a roll.

Feel like helpin' us? We can always use another hand scouring the net for stories, reviews, and general tomfoolery. Drop us a line and we'll talk.