Noel Quits Overseas Touring With Oasis

By shane

NOEL GALLAGHER has effectively pulled a Brian Wilson this morning, with his announcement that he is to quit all overseas touring with OASIS effective immediately. The band cancelled their gig Saturday night, claiming tendonitis in the wrist of drummer Alan White. However, as the band cancelled tonight's show, the Daily Mirror reported that yet another band fight (supposedly caused by Liam's excessive behavior on the road) had caused the elder Gallagher to catch a flight home. An official statement on the band's website reads: "Noel Gallagher has decided to quit overseas touring with Oasis, with immediate effect, but intends to perform with the band for the scheduled UK dates later this summer." The press release then goes on to announce that after a short respite this week, the current tour WILL CONTINUE without Noel! Guitarist Matt Deighton (it's okay, we don't know who he is either, other than the statement that he used to play with Paul Weller and Mother Earth) has agreed to come aboard on the remaining live dates to share lead guitar duties with new-ish member Gem Archer. This leaves Liam as the only original member of Oasis in the touring line-up, and, of course, puts the band's future in serious jeopardy.