Pavement Didn't Split

By shane

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Stateside!

Just wanted to pop in with ONE quick correction to a story posted here earlier this week. Despite several press sources quoting the story as fact, PAVEMENT HAVE NOT SPLIT UP. An interesting story unwinds regarding the quickly-spread rumour: Apparantly, during a recent UK show, vocalist Stephen Malkmus took to the stage wearing handcuffs, and said to the crowd, "This symbolizes what it's like to be in a band." Most everyone there, including several reviewers, took that to mean the band was through. But today it's been revealed that what Malkmus ACTUALLY said on-stage was, "This symbolizes what it's like to be in ENGLAND." The band took to the BBC airwaves yesterday to clarify the mix-up. The group did, however, confirm that they are to go an extended hiatus following their current tour, during which time they'll embark on side projects. However, the group insists that there WILL be new Pavement material down the road.